Introducing Doubtless Strategic

January 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Doubtless Strategic Limited is in the business of helping businesses achieve competitive advantage, and add value, through the adoption of customised strategies designed to maximise future opportunities.

Writing goes hand in hand with the work that Doubtless Strategic performs. Reports and opinions are part and parcel of the advisory business; of valuations, strategic advice, governance and most other services. At the same time we have firm opinions on a range of issues affecting business in New Zealand, and indeed the wider world, on matters we consider will have greater importance in the future. These include considerations such as regulation, trends, and “bigger picture” impressions of where things are headed.

This site is also devoted to such views in respect of a number of industries with which we have had significant exposure in the past, including infrastructure, electricity, ports & airports, transport, technology, energy and others. However it is not limited to these as we are also very concerned with the environment in which small and medium sized businesses operate, for example. There are a great many issues that affect large and small businesses alike, each in its own way.

Doubtless Strategic also works with businesses in the wine industry and publishes views in respect of wine industry issues at

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